300 Miles to Freedom is a history teacher’s dream. It tells the little-known story of John W. Jones, a Virginia slave who makes his way to freedom in upstate New York and embarks on a new life of ensuring freedom and justice for others. It thus leads students beyond the classic narratives of famous fugitives. But the documentary does more. It draws students into the process of doing history. It takes them along on the journey to track Jones’ experiences and allows them to see the detective work and the creativity involved in reconstructing the past. The journey compels viewers of all ages to reflect on what the past that Jones represents means for people today. In short, the film brings history to life as it traces one man’s complex and gripping experiences of American freedom."
-Dr. Joan Bryant
Associate Professor, African American Studies

Syracuse University

“In this sesquicentennial period, when we remember the war that forged our nation, 300 Miles goes a long way to bring the story of Mr. Jones to greater public awareness.”
-Kate Buford
Author, Social Historian

“….a natural choice for classroom use at all levels of education and for other groups interested in an original discussion of America in crisis.
-Dr.John Scott Strickland
Associate Professor of History
Syracuse University

“This film would make an excellent teaching tool for middle and high school American History teachers in their Civil War unit.”
-Priscilla Pirozzolo, M.A.
Reading Specialist
The Woodlands, Texas

“This film opens a great opportunity to see current events and challenges within their historical context.”
-Bruce Whitmarsh
Chemung County Historical Society

“It is important that the Harlem community understands the impact of slavery on the lives of the African American people. Without the strife of our ancestors I have no clue where I would stand today.”
-Bill Lynch
Bill Lynch Associates